Who is rex grossman dating

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Who is rex grossman dating

“I think they view him as not as athletic because of his injuries. That’s the bottom line.” me — all that started to surface once drama was introduced to the whole thing.

It was way too much drama for me, from my perspective.

So that could have been a problem as well.”“I mean, I miss every aspect of it,” Grossman said.

On Kirk Cousins’s contract status with the Redskins “Well, I think Kirk is a top-10 quarterback in the NFL,” Grossman said. “The person he is is what makes him a great player.

He’s calm, disciplined, accurate and he’s a pretty damn good athlete too. He’s right in there in that top-10 quarterback range; I’m not sure where, but I think he’s established that.

Coach Spurrier instilled in me, don’t check it down if the big play’s there. I always wanted to shoot a three-pointer in basketball, hit a home run in baseball. But you know, sometimes you’ve got a gut feeling, and you put all the chips on the table.”“I tried throughout my career a lot of times to be Charlie Checkdown and try to only go for it if it’s right there,” Grossmann said. It got me to the league, and I played 11 years, so I think it works out a little bit.”“All I could go on was Adam Schefter’s reports,” Grossman said.

“But to be honest with you, a lot of times I couldn’t see. Sometimes you have to kind of have a little bit of faith that everything’s working out as you think it is. “And he kept saying John Beck’s probably going to start, and it just pissed me off to no end.

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I think it’s drilled into you as a person, and then it reflects how you play. I think he is who he is, and he’s a really good disciplined accurate quarterback, and he should embrace that and keep his strength a strength and not try to run around and be Brett Favre if he’s not.

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