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We are all familiar with the feeling of guilt that comes when we consciously know that we made a mistake.

A major problem that many sex addicts have it the shame and guilt that comes with their addiction.For most, despite their desire not to take part in elicit activities or behaviors, a negative control takes over and causes them to perform an explicit sexual activity such as watching pornography, taking part in cybersex or promiscuous activity despite their burning desire to do what’s right.Many clients who do seek treatment for sex addiction not feelings of guilt and shame as their primary reasons for treatment.Many people who do suffer from sex addiction are looking for ways to stop the addiction for reasons such as the problems that come with the addiction or because their loved ones are being adversely affected by the addiction.Just like a drug or alcohol addiction, excessive use or behavior that involves sex can also lead to addiction that needs to be controlled.

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A mental health professional and medical health professional can help to determine if you truly are addicted to sex, help you get to the bottom of the reasons why you may be suffering from sex addiction and even lead you in the right direction to overcoming your sex addiction once and for all.

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