Accommodating to

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Accommodating to

If you are trying to pick a movie to watch, and you really don't care, it's fine to say 'Whatever you want is ok with me'.

Or maybe you want to build up credit for accommodating that you might use later.

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fitting in with someone's wishes or demands in a helpful way.

SUBSCRIBE to our You Tube channel to keep video production going!Fitting in with someone’s wishes or demands in a helpful way Obliging : complaisant ; compliant Helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation adapt; make fit for, or change to suit a purpose ; oblige ; provide a service for someone; listen and evaluate the views of others – both sides adapt and modify in order to come to mutual agreement century online Letting Agent but with the emphasis on retaining the best customer service with a ‘can do’ approach.Nearly 12 years in the industry, working for both independent and corporate letting agents, has highlighted the need for efficiency, professionalism and the ability to let and manage property of all shapes and sizes without hidden costs, many of which are higher than necessary because of increasing overheads needed for High Street premises.Being a Letting Agent is not always about having a shop front with properties displayed in the window, meeting targets and filling in spreadsheets.A Letting Agent is about building relationships and trust…it’s about being honest, reliable, personable, professional and knowledgeable about an ever changing industry.

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(obliging, cooperative, helpful, eager to help, adaptable, amenable, considerate, unselfish, inclusionary, generous, willing, compliant, kindly, hospitable, neighborly, kind, friendly, pleasant, agreeable; accommodative).

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